Information on pupil performance including school and exam registration, foundation stage profiles, value-added calculations, prior attainment, predicted scores, exam results and pupil inclusion.


Young Persons Matched Administrative Dataset (YPMAD)

Data collected on individuals registered on YPMAD including pupil, registration and establishment details, information about attainment and apprenticeships from PLASC, ILR NISVQ, SERAP and KS4 and KS5 data collections.

Independent Specialist Providers (ISP)

Data collected on individuals registered at Independent Specialist Providers, including pupil and registration details, placement and funding details.

National Client Caseload Information System (NCCIS)

Data relating to pupils including registration details and activity, and details on guarantees and placements.

Post-16 Learning Aims (PLAMS)

PLAMS data that includes pupil learning aims, qualifications and grades, reference numbers and information around discount codes and prior attainment matching.

Foundation stage profile (FSP) attainment

FSP assesses early years pupils on personal, social and emotional development; communication, language and literacy; problem solving, reasoning and numeracy; knowledge and understanding of the world; physical development and creative development.

Predicted scores

Predicted scores show pupil progress between key stages by comparing their attainment scores with that of the national average for their prior attainment group.

Progression between key stages

Prior attainment scores and deviations, current attainment scores and predictions, and value added models and calculations.

Average scores for qualifications achieved

Average scores for key stage 1 to key stage 4 qualifications including average attainment 8 scores.

Number of qualifications achieved

Aggregated number of key stage 4 and 5 qualifications achieved at pupil level. Includes the total number of qualifications by key stage and grade banding.


Data collected about attainment that relates to the organisation of assessments, scoring and grading. Categorisation of data items held here is ongoing.

Pupil level achievement

Pupil level results by subject for all key stages, GCE, GCSE, BTEC and EBacc. Includes aggregated achievement indicators, predicted scores and prior levels.

School and exam registration

If pupils are registered for an exam, the registration date and year and season of the exam. Includes QCA and pupil retention data.